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Transferring an Out of State Vehicle with a Lien or Lease to Florida (Registration Only)
Need to register your vehicle in Florida but your lienholder or a lease company holds your out-of-state title? Follow these 9 easy steps!
1. Which Vehicles are Eligible for this Transaction?

When a lienholder (bank, financial institution, etc.) or lease company holds the out-of-state title for your vehicle, the State of Florida provides an exception that allows the owner(s) to only register their vehicle without transferring their out-of-state title to Florida. This is referred to as "Registration Only". This procedure only applies to vehicle titled in US States and Territories (Puerto Rico, Guam, etc.).

If you have a vehicle titled in a foreign country, please refer to our Out-of-Country Title Transfer Importing a Vehicle Into the US publication. 

If you don't have a lien, you paid off your loan, or bought out your lease, please refer to our Out-of-State Title Transfer publication.

2. Complete the Vehicle Identification (VIN) Verification Form

Prior to arriving at our office, the entire VIN Verification Form (HSMV 82042) must be completed. This form verifies the VIN and odometer on all vehicles being transferred to Florida from another State. A Florida notary, a licensed Florida auto dealer, a law enforcement officer in any state, or the buyer AND seller (if newly purchased) may complete the form.

Note: There are no other safety or emissions inspections required in Florida to title/register your vehicle.

Verification is not required on any boat, mobile home, trailer, or semitrailer with an empty weight of less than 2,000 pounds, or any travel trailer, camping trailer, truck camper, fifth-wheel recreation trailer, or off-highway vehicle.

3. Appointments REQUIRED / Office Locations

Appointments are REQUIRED for all transactions! Visit taxcollector.com to schedule an appointment for your transactions. We only serve Manatee County residents and businesses. Limit 4 transactions per appointment. We have three convenient offices to serve you: Our DeSoto Office (located closest to the Island, West and Central Bradenton), our Lakewood Ranch Office (located closest to Lakewood Ranch and East Manatee County), and our North River Office (located closest to Palmetto, Ellenton, and Parrish)
4. Proof of Ownership - Bring Your Registration

You must submit your current (non-expired) out-of-state registration for your vehicle (original or state issued duplicate).

If your registration is expired or is lost, you must submit an official letter on letterhead stationary (legible fax copy accepted) from the State where the vehicle is currently titled. The letter must state the current titled owner name(s) and the vehicle details (year, make, VIN, etc.). 

5. Proof of Lien / Lease

One of the following must be submitted to PROVE the title for the specific vehicle is in the possession of a lienholder (bank, financial institution, etc.) or lease company. The proof must include the year and make of the vehicle and your name:
6. At Least One Owner Present with Legal Identification 

At least one owner* must be present with one of the following valid (unexpired) documents: If an owner cannot be present, consider using a Power of Attorney. You will be required to submit a copy of the absent individual's valid identification along with the completed form. The form must contain original signatures.

*BUSINESSES are required to submit documentation showing that they are a valid business. This can be done with a printout from:
The printout must show an "active" status. If the individual is acting on behalf of the business is not listed on the printout, they must also submit, on letterhead, a letter than authorizes them to act on behalf of the business. 
7. Bring PROOF of Your New FLORIDA Insurance on the Vehicle You are Registering

Not providing PROOF of FLORIDA insurance is one of the most common reasons this transaction cannot be completed. Please note, your out of state insurance policy MUST be transferred to Florida and new Florida policy issued with a Florida ID Card/Binder/Policy Number. In almost all cases, your out of state insurance agent will not be able to write a Florida insurance policy and phone/internet based insurance companies will have to issue new policy documents showing that it is a Florida policy. Card/Binder/Policy Requirements: NOTE: If the vehicle you are titling is a truck that weighs more than 5,000 lbs, view our Heavy Truck FAQ for additional insurance requirements.

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles does not require our office to view proof of insurance for motorcycles, trailers, boats, mobile homes, or off-highway vehicles.

8. Bring PROOF that You've Owned Your Vehicle More than 6 Months to Avoid Paying Sales Tax

Usually, you will not have to pay Florida sales tax while transferring a vehicle to Florida from another state UNLESS you have owned the vehicle less than six months. (In Manatee County the sales tax is 7%.)

PROOF that you've owned the vehicle more than six months may include: current DMV registrations that include a purchase date, old DMV registrations, lien or lease paperwork, dealership paperwork - all documentation must contain your name and specific vehicle details (VIN, year, make, dates, etc.).

PROOF that you've paid sales tax, for vehicle owner less than six months, to a reciprocal US State/US Territory must be submitted with your paperwork. A dealer invoice or registration which specifically lists sales tax paid, are the most common ways to prove this. Note: Not all states are reciprocal - when a state is not reciprocal, it means Florida sales tax must be collected.

With all registration/title transfer transactions the amount of sales tax paid by the customer, the reported purchase price, and the Fair Market Value claimed by the customer are subject to investigation and audit by the Florida Department of Revenue in Tallahassee. 

9. Acceptable Methods of Payment and Estimated Fees

We accept cash, check, debit cards, and credit cards. A $2.50 processing fee for debit cards and a 2.5% processing fee (minimum of $2.50) for credit cards will apply. Our office does not retain any portion of this fee.

The estimated cost to register a vehicle for the first time is $250.00 - $370.00. Estimate does not include sales tax, if applicable.
First Manatee South County Tag Agency

The First Manatee South County Tag Agency processes registration and title transactions for vehicles, boats, and mobile homes, as well as parking permits. This office does not offer driver license, hunting & fishing, or property tax services.

It offers extended hours (9am - 6pm, Monday - Friday) and Saturday hours (9am - 2pm). Appointments are available, but not required. Schedule an appointment at autotagagency.net. It is located in Southwood Shops at 5756 14th Street West, Bradenton, FL 34207. Their phone number is 941.782.6050.

This office accepts cash, check, and debit. A 3.5% fee will be charged on all check transactions to guarantee funds and on all debit transactions as a processing fee. An additional $20 fast title fee applies to titles printed on-site.

The First Manatee South County Tag Agency is a privately owned office, operating under the authority granted by the Manatee County Tax Collector's Office.

Non-Manatee County Residents

Not a Manatee County Resident? Out-of-county residents can only be served at First Manatee South County Tag Agency. See the section above for more details regarding the First Manatee South County Tag Agency. Otherwise, you will need to visit your home county tax collector's office.
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